Greetings from LUKASZ (Mr. Leather Berlin 2022)

The 50th Easter Berlin Leather Fetish Week. The most kinky Easter in the world. SOUNDS IMPOSSIBLE?

The 50th Berlin Leather and Fetish Week at Easter. The most perverse Easter in the world. Sounds impossible? Well, Berlin makes it possible! The city has already proven that the impossible is possible. In 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. People who used to be enemies and came from two different social, economic and political systems embraced each other and no one was ashamed of tears.

So let’s celebrate our fetish in Berlin, the city that is the memorial for possible change for the better. Let’s push the boundaries in our heads. Let’s reach out to each other. Let us respect others as they are and as we want to be respected.

Acceptance, regardless of religion, body type, financial situation, health status, nationality or race. I can’t wait to welcome you to my city.

Mister Leather Berlin

You want to become the next Mister Leather Berlin 2023? You live the fetish lifestyle and are eager to share your passion for the community?