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Mister Leather Berlin 2022

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The winner of Mister Leather Berlin receives a big travel budget and an outfit from Mister B for up to 1000€ plus several other non-cash prices. Our sponsors also give other smaller non-cash prices to the runner ups of the election.

Former Titleholders

Alexander Cabot, 2019

Berliner with body and soul. He started being into leather in his youngest years.

Jens Walker, 2018

Oh boy, what a ride! My year as Mister Leather Berlin 2018 might be over – but my experiences are hard to express with just words or numbers. My year as a titleholder was more than just 108.322km of traveling during 27 trips on 52 flights, 205 hours on board of planes and 59 parties – my year was first and foremost one thing: A year in which I met amazing people worldwide and acquired friends for the rest of my life. During all of my trips I always packed my leathers, my humor, and the desire to represent a community that actually deserves that name: A place of tolerance, understanding, and listening to each other.

Tyrone Rontganger, 2012

Max Schmal

Max Schmal, 2011

Peter Browning, 2010

Born in Scotland but a European at heart. 40 years Germany, 10 years France and in Berlin since 2009. Apart from Mister Leather Berlin 2010 he was also German Mister Leather 2011.

How to apply

You think you have what it takes to become the next Mister Leather Berlin? Find more info about it on our election event page. You can apply now! If you need any help filling out the forms, please reach out to us.

Filled out the forms, brushed up your gear and ready to get started? Please check again the included checklist and then it’s time to