Current information on the coronavirus / COVID-19

The safety of our guests is of course of the utmost importance to us. We are monitoring the current situation and adapting our approach accordingly on a daily basis.


The so-called Covid pass entry rules (known as 2G or 3G in Germany) in bars, clubs and cafes in Berlin will be dropped from 1st April, meaning people will no longer need to show proof of testing, vaccination or recovery. And face masks won’t have to be worn in shops or other venues. For external events, we can currently not provide any information! In shops or other venues no face masks have to be worn – except for: various restaurants, bus and train, medical practices, hospitals and care facilities – thus also on our EasterBerlin – Bus Tour!

Nevertheless, if you are unsure or careful, we recommend that you can continue to use your VVP2 mask in tighter rooms or crowds.

How can I protect myself from infection?

On the website of Webseite des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit find you more informations gibt es genaue Informationen to spread and prevent infektion.

I have flu symptoms. Can I still attend EasterBerlin events?

If you have symptoms of the flu or Covid-19 within two weeks before the event, we ask you not to attend the EasterBerlin events. In this way we want to increase the safety of our guests.

Do you still have to quarantine as an infected person?

Yes. The quarantine measures valid in Germany in the event of infection or as a contact person of an infected person continue to apply.