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As a member of BLF e.V. you can help us shape the future of Berlin as a fetish city and destination. Apart from that you get discounts at BLF events and at our partner stores.

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For private individuals that want to contribute to our club. You become a full member with the right to vote on our general association meeting once a year.



For associations and companies that want to support our work. A sponsor membership does not include the right vote on our general meeting.


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    I need active member for 36€ per yearSupporting member for 300€ per year without voting rights werden.
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    I authorize the payee to collect payments from my account by direct debit. At the same time, I instruct my bank to redeem the direct debits drawn into my account by Berlin Leder Fetisch e.V.

    My mandate reference is .

    Note: I can request a refund of the debited amount within eight weeks, starting from the debit date. The conditions agreed with my bank apply.